Comedy (good or bad, offensive or sensitive, well thought out bits or a drunken rant) comprises the main portion of my life. Add to that a handful of spices, a splash of Johnny Walker Black (Let's be honest, Clan Mcgregor), and a mountain of horrible/amazing decisions, and you get my life in a nutshell. But hey, that's most of America, right? No wonder the world loves us...ha.


Good God Lemon, you’d think a woman who wears tennis shoes every day would be able to hit a decent forehand.

Alec Baldwin is, in fact, the man.

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Jayden and goofy-ass Tairique

Jayden and goofy-ass Tairique

Tairique STAYS playing Vita.

Tairique STAYS playing Vita.

Horror anthology lighting,  Tyler style

Horror anthology lighting, Tyler style

Media: Adrian Peterson used a switch on his child!! Child abuse!!

Samoans: That’s adorable.

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